Attempting to make bibimbap with my toddler

Hugh wants to start a cooking/mukbang series with Yul where they try to make and eat lots of different types of Korean food. Now I’m sure that every video is going to a messy disaster, but that’s the fun of it!

In this video they attempt to make bibimbap, but really they are just doing the final stages of assembling it as I’d prepared the ingredients beforehand.

Yul was not very interested in doing his own bowl, but preferred “helping” Daddy. Bibimbap is a great food for kids though as there is a variety of vegetables. You just need to switch out the gochujang for sesame oil and soy sauce instead. Gochujang is traditionally used but is too spicy for young kids.

Often people assume a mukbang means eating a lot of food, but mukbangs aren’t always like that. It’s just eating any food and any quantity. We hope it will be interesting for people to see the type of Korean food Yul eats here in Korea. His tastes vary and he is quite picky about vegetables these days, but hopefully will also be a good way to expand his tastes, as well as bonding with Hugh.

What’s new on our channel?

As we have mentioned recently, we are transitioning to doing YouTube in a more professional sense with a regular schedule. The past few weeks have been hectic with Hugh quitting his job and really starting his own business, but once things settle down we will be setting up our schedule.

It’s also the time for us to experiment a bit with our content. We are still small enough to do that, but big enough to get good feedback and find out what works for us.

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