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Public What?

Public What

Hugh can laugh at his mistakes in English, but even more now that I speak some Korean and my mistakes are way worse than his. Actually if my Korean was a good as his English I would be very happy. If he makes a funny mistake in English he is very quick to point out where my Korean is in comparison to his English. But one day it will be more even!

I’m still curious about this public potato…



Or “80’s Dance Party Llama” judging from that picture. R and L is the same letter in Korean so it’s not surprising that he made that mistake. It’s just hilarious that he wrote it as two separate words and made it sound like a space-age llama.

Continuing on from the theme of yesterday about TV shows I really like and grew up with but he is less familiar with – he is probably more familiar with Futurama than The Simpsons and has watched a lot of it with me.

Eye Brushes

Today’s comic is about Daniel and his girlfriend Chloé.

Eye Brushes

I didn’t really have a comic idea today… well I did but they were all about the heat and humidity and I thought people might get a bit sick of me complaining about that. I was chatting to Sophie and Chloé earlier, and Chloé mentioned this incident and suggested I make a comic of this. There are less cute English mistakes made by Hugh these days, but Daniel is still at a stage where he makes some. Chloé said when he said “eye brushes” it made her think of a dust pan and brush on his face… which is creepy! Maybe I need to do a comic later of one of Chloé’s Korean mistakes so Daniel can get even?

Drunken Chicken

Drunken Chicken

I don’t think it’s the first time he has got chicken and kitchen confused… hehe

Does anyone watch Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen?



I was laughing mostly because “dumblings” sounds funny!

I’m back studying Korean again, well revising everything that I know (not much!), in preparation for when we move to Korea. We’ve decided once in Korea it’s vital for me to learn as much Korean as possible so Korean will be the language we’ll use the most when there. It will be hard, but worth it.

Hehe…. dumblings….


1 hour

Sometimes I don’t know whether misunderstandings like this are because of the language differences or because he just wasn’t really listening to me properly in the first place. Could just be a male thing and not a language thing.

I’m a little disturbed that he thought that I thought there is only 35 minutes in 1 hour! He said, “Because you are not good at numbers.” I told him I did complete Kindergarten!

And shout out to Jason, yes this was about your questions about noraebang 🙂

Learning to do what?

I was very confused for a few moments! He says that’s just how Koreans pronounce saxophone, but I’m not sure if that’s how Koreans pronounce it or just how he pronounces it. If you have a Korean partner who is more comfortable speaking in Korean than English, ask them. For my husband at least, it’s because he is pronouncing ‘sax’ like ‘sex’ and dropping the ‘o’ sound. I was relieved to find out his conservative Christian aunt was not in fact taking up work as a phone sex operator, but instead learning how to play the instrument the saxophone!

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