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Korean Stuff Haul and Fan Mail

We show you some of the things available on Hey Eonni and also open up some amazing fan mail!

Bromance (and fan mail)

We haven’t done one of these videos in a while! We comment on your comments and open some fan mail.

What a nice!… Fanmail

In this What a Nice video we open some packages!

Also, check out yesterday’s vlog:

Commenting on Comments – Chuseok

Yesterday was a really big day but we still tried to film our Commenting on Comments and edit it. We managed to do that but then exporting took too long and it was already 2am, so we had to sleep and wait until today. So sorry this video is a bit late!

We show you a little bit of Chuseok, talk about Korean towels and ahjummas in the mountains, open a package and Hugh’s cousins bust in with some fireworks.

CoC – It’s too hot

We filmed this Commenting on Comments outside in the fresh air. The heat is really horrible and fans don’t work well….

CoC – Gochu jokes and opening a package

We comment on your comments! And open a package!

Bottlecaps, Lemonhead, Kentucky Chocolate

We try some things from fan mail on our bonus channel!

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