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20,000 subs, SeoulTube and Fanmail

Thank you everyone who is subscribed to our YouTube channel!

It was great to see so many people at SeoulTube, it’s just that the weather is unfortunate. Hugh had a great time there, and I did as well, but due to health problems and finding those situations overwhelming, I disappeared a lot and left Hugh to do the talking. He is the social butterfly and I’m the introvert. Shout out to the small group of people that kindly hung out with me in a quieter coffee shop for a while! We filmed this video today and edited luckily before I ended up bedridden with pain again. The pain has eased enough for me to sit up and type this, so that’s good. I was trying to vlog as well today, but had to give that up. I’ll continue that vlog later in the week.

Thank you Aimee for sending all that lovely stuff!

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What a nice!… Fanmail

In this What a Nice video we open some packages!

Also, check out yesterday’s vlog:

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CoC -Feeling Patriotic

We comment on some comments and open some very Australian fanmail!

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CoC – Should we have prom?

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CoC – Revenge and Fanmail

Also on the vlogging channel:

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CoC – 10,000 Subscribers and packages

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CoC – Daniel is hot….

Time to Comment on Comments! Lots of people had something to say about Daniel…. and we open a package.

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