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Ask Korean Guys – If could live anywhere?

Even though we were in Australia for quite a while it’s really hard to find the time to film videos like this. So the boys filmed this one casually outside with their friend Clark.

Hugh’s Instagram, Clark’s Instagram, Han’s Instagram

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Prom? Ask Korean Husband

Hugh and Han talk about prom and what they think it is and what they’d like to do.

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White Christian Girl? – Ask Korean Guys

We often get questions about whether Korean guys date certain types of girls but in most cases it all comes down to individual circumstances. This question was a little bit easier to talk about though, and Hugh and Han talk about the biggest religions in Korea.

And yesterday’s Vlog. If you want to see all the vlogs as soon as they are uploaded you need to subscribe 🙂

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Ask Korean Guys – Dream Jobs

Season 2 of Ask Korean Guys. They guys talk about what their dream jobs were when they were kids and what they are now. We filmed a bunch while Han was here and another friend, Daniel, will join Hugh in some episodes later. T

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Ask Korean Guys 16

They didn’t really talk about what Korean food they like and later just said something like, “We like it all”. It is really hard to say what strictly Australian food they like because it’s all British roots anyway. That’s why Han ended up talking about vegemite.

Surprisingly, although Hugh eats more western food than Han, Han is the one who likes vegemite more. I’m not sure his explanation really sells it though…

(This was filmed in January).

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Ask Korean Guys 15

This was filmed while in Australia. We are almost at the end of season 1 of Ask Korean Guys!

But since Han is now in Korea for a few weeks, we will be filming season 2!

Make sure you ask your questions now!

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Ask Korean Guys 14

Han comes to Korea very soon! If you have a question for the guys now is the time to ask it! If your question wasn’t answered before you can ask again.

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