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Feeling Romantic

Feeling Romantic

Luckily he dropped me on a bed and not on the floor…

Eat Your Kimchi have a new video up about couple culture in Korea if you are interested in more Korean romance stuff.

We’ve celebrated some things, like 100 days and 300 days but not many of the others, unless we happen to realise it’s that day. As Simon and Martina said it’s usually newer couples who do all that but it can also be when the girl is more demanding and pedantic about it…. which ends up being not that romantic! But that’s what I’ve witnessed as well. I’ve witnessed Korean guys who know my husband ask for advice on what to give the girlfriend, not because they want to treat their girlfriend to something nice, but because they are scared of her getting angry if the gift or evening planned isn’t good enough! So that’s not great… but a couple that is more relaxed can have a lot of fun with the dating culture in Korea.

We do not wear couple shirts because I refuse to in Australia! We do see Korean couples here in couple shirts and sometimes I’ve giggled at that. However, when we are actually living in Korea I might change my views and start wearing them…

Medicine Misunderstanding

My friend (the wife in the comic) allowed me to make a comic about this. When she realised what her husband had sent her to get, with the vague information of it being for ‘skin care’, she was very angry! She had patted her face in front of shop assistant and told her that it was for skin care on the face. Needless to say, the shop assistant looked very shocked. When my friend discovered the truth of course she told others. So what her husband hoped to keep secret even from his wife was told to everyone at a barbeque! And now it’s on the internet!

For those that might not understand what her husband needed: he needed a cream for his…uh…. butt hole. I’m not explaining anymore than that!

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