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What a nice!… Fanmail 3

In this What a Nice video we open some packages!

Also, check out yesterday’s vlog:

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CoC- Killing snowmen 0

In this week’s Commenting on Comments we talk about killing snowmen because they are cute, the delicious food at The Beastro and cold winters!

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Making Kimchi 10

Making Kimchi

Here is our vlog from Saturday as well. You can see some of the kimchi making. If you want to see the vlogs as they are uploaded, make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel.

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The word Bae? 23

We made a silly video about the new slang word “Bae” in English and what Korean words are romanised as “Bae”.

Have you been confused about this? When I first started seeing it on Twitter I thought people were saying a Korean name…

I also made a comic about this:


Have you seen and heard people using the word “BAE”? Did it confuse you? Do you speak languages other than English and it means something else in your language? It is said slightly differently in Korean, but since mostly I see people using it online, it makes me think of Korean words.

AND we also have a drawing from Chloe! (Chloe is Daniel’s girlfriend and does awesome art here and here).


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Arguing with a Korean Partner (and family communication) 0

In this Ask Us video we tackle some more serious questions! Two questions seem to pop up all the time so we answered as best we could. There are always way more things to say that don’t fit into a video and already this video was quite long.

As I mentioned in the video, we can’t reply to all the emails we get where people want relationship advice, but we can sometimes do videos like this where we discuss topics like this.

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No Makeup 11

No makeup

Dumb game I play: to see if he will say I’m pretty when I make hideous faces.


He doesn’t…

I remember being young and people saying if you make faces, the wind will change and it your face will stay that way forever. Do you have a saying like that in your country?

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Where do they live? 5

Where do they live?

Just a quick comic today! We all say silly things like this sometimes. Check out Grace’s blog Texan in Tokyo!

I’m kinda worried that Hugh was getting some ideas on how to annoy me more after seeing what Ryosuke was doing in some of the comics… oh no.

And our latest vlog!

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What a nice!…. The Beastro 3

Quick video about one of our favourite places to eat in Seoul. I can’t even explain how good the food is…. it’s just so good. If you are coming to Korea for a short trip you might just be interested in eating Korean food, and of course there is a lot of great food in Korea. However, you have been living in Korea for a while, you know how hard it can be to get good foreign food. Not only is foreign food so Koreanized, but it’s usually expensive. The Beastro is classy, but still down to earth and the prices are reasonable, especially since the food is amazing. For us, this type of American food is not even easy to get in Australia, so it’s an interesting experience for us.

It’s like a whole other world inside as well. The service is wonderful and so much attention to detail. It’s a real foreign restaurant and is like having a little vacation from Korea while there. Of course I love Korea and I love Korean food, but variety is the spice of life, as the say.

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In Seoul for the weekend 5

In Seoul for the weekend

Thankfully he didn’t wear it outside of the apartment!

You can catch a glimpse of it in the latest video on our vlogging channel.

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Fan Meet and Christmas Decorating 2

We had a last minute fan meet in Seoul on the weekend. They can be difficult to organise sometimes but this time there was the perfect amount of people and we had it at the You Are Here cafe. Thank you to everyone who came! It’s really nice to put some faces to screen names and everyone was so lovely!

I also filmed a tiny bit of Christmas decorating at Simon and Martina’s apartment (from Eat Your Kimchi) because we stay with them when we visit Seoul. From the video it seems we were just trying to put Christmas hats on Spudgy and Meemers…

I didn’t film the meeting with publishing company because that’s all boring stuff. But the book will be released soon! To see more of our Seoul trip, subscribe to our vlogging channel.

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Snowman 13



He has been known to destroy sandcastles… and now he is destroying snowmen! We haven’t actually had any decent snow here but when we were coming back from Seoul, at the rest stop, there were several snowmen.

We are back home and trying to catch up on comics, videos and book stuff! Yes the book will be released soon!

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Hongdae! 4

So we’ve hardly had time to edit something while we’ve been in Seoul. Trying to catch up on editing now. This is what we did on Friday:

We’ve had a really great time in Seoul, even though it’s so cold! And I’ve experienced some Christmas spirit. I helped our friends (Simon and Martina) decorate their tree and apartment for Christmas. Right now we are listening to Christmas carols and Martina is making hot chocolate! Stay tuned for more vlogs.

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What vlogging camera? 0

We get asked this a lot. Some people are interested in buying a vlogging camera for themselves and others notice the reactions in our vlogs on our vlogging channel and are curious about what it looks like.

Some people might wonder, why don’t you use your other camera for vlogging? Why did you buy another camera? Well, there is a whole psychological element to vlogging that people don’t realise. If you had something that was very clearly a camera and you walked down the street clearly talking into it while people stared at you, how comfortable would you feel? Having something small that hardly even looks like a camera, gives a level of comfort while vlogging and allows you to relax and be yourself. That’s one of the reasons why we like this camera.


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Korean Winter 21

Korean Winter

I’m not coping with winter here!

It will be even worse when we go to Seoul tomorrow… Seoul is even colder than where we live.

Also, we are going to have a small meet up in Seoul on Saturday afternoon at the You Are Here cafe. Check social media for exact time later.

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Pheasant 18


So many of our conversations seem to go like this. I will marvel at the beauty of an animal, while he is just thinking about how it tastes.

Yesterday’s vlog:

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