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Worst Pasta Ever 4

Worst Pasta Ever

He was referencing a quote in the book and movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. I dragged him to see it because I’ve been waiting so long to see it (Korea got it so late) but of course he loved it!

Now onto terrible Korean pasta. We’ve been a little bit spoilt. We found an awesome pizza and pasta place in Jinju, so after going there a few times we forgot how bad most Italian food in Korea is. We didn’t have time to go across town to the good Italian place so we tried a new place. Most Italian food places in Korea have crappy Koreanized pasta – but some are not too bad. I can stomach it as long as it’s pasta. This was horrendous though! I posted a few photos on Instagram for those that want to get an idea about what I mean. I asked for some salt and pepper to try and make the plastic pasta taste better and the waitress was very confused and finally brought me a 2 plates with a pile of cooking salt and pepper on them. We both felt sick afterwards.  Mr Gwon even said that he could easily make better pasta than this place and he isn’t even very good at cooking. Not only was it terrible because it was nothing like Italian food at all, but whatever type of fusion they were trying to achieve failed miserably. We laughed through our tears. I actually really hope that place shuts down so other people aren’t subjected to that. It’s likely to simply because businesses spring up quickly in Korea with not much planning or research and shut down again quickly. Nothing is very long term.

Actually I was very homesick today, which is why there wasn’t a comic earlier. That pasta just made me feel a lot worse. The Fault in Our Stars didn’t make me feel worse though! Of course it made me feel sad, but it made me feel better about things.

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This One Song 7

This One Song

Oh he only likes one song… obviously much cooler than me! haha

We have a new video up on our bonus channel! We try some of the food you guys sent us.

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CoC – Scars, Cafes and Book Update 4

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Over Water 6

Over Water

Yeah the butt poke is back. (As seen previously in this comic).

I am always vulnerable! It’s not fair to do it while being carried across a river!

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Cricket Team 12

Cricket Team

He is very vocal about his dislike of cricket. Though… he does have an Australian Cricket singlet… his excuse is that it was cheap.

I’m sure others living in another country have had this feeling before. On days where you are missing home a little bit and there is something that is in your country and even though you never particularly liked it, something makes you start to feel patriotic.

I’m not particularly patriotic and there are lots of things I dislike about Australia but the longer I am in Korea, the more Australian I feel. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. (Obviously cricket wasn’t “invented” in Australia but it’s ingrained in our culture and seen as an important sport in Australia).

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Bad Side 5

Bad Side

Because I’m the one making the comics it is usually showing the funny or annoying things Mr Gwon does. Every time I do something annoying or stupid I tell him to make a comic but he doesn’t because he hates drawing. I showed a situation where I’m annoying him this time though.

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You Are Here Cafe Opening 15

So as most of you know, we went to Seoul for the opening of the You Are Here Cafe. We went to support Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) because they are our friends and it’s a huge thing opening a cafe! Wow, we realise now how stressful it is! The You Are Here Cafe is not just Eat Your Kimchi but also Talk to Me in Korean (and also third party investors). So we got to meet Hyunwoo and some of the other Talk to Me in Korean people, which was great because we’ve known each other online for a while but hadn’t had a chance to meet yet.

We really really respect Simon and Martina for all the work they put in for this cafe. Those that were there on Saturday would have seen how busy they were all day. They didn’t have much sleep the night before, got to the cafe early in the morning and I think it was after midnight when we left. Then they had a meeting with Soo Zee and Leigh into the early hours of the morning. But it all turned out amazing! I heard there was over 1000 people there on Saturday. I can’t believe how many people were lining up! Some people waited 4 hours to get in? It was amazing just how excited people were about this.

It was great for us as well. We got to see some of you guys and we really appreciate everyone that said hi to us. What is really cool about the cafe is that it is a space for creative people to come together as well. In our video you’ll see a bunch of other bloggers. Often it’s hard for bloggers to meet up just because there isn’t anywhere good to hang out, but the You Are Here cafe is perfect for this. It also means it is easier for us to see you guys as well. When we are in Seoul we can let you know on the social media if we are going to be there and anyone who wants to see us can just come by.

Simon and Martina are so involved in this as well. They didn’t just leave everything for other people to do. Things like, some of the recipes are Martina’s own recipes, both of them are so involved in what goes on the menu (and it’s difficult catering to both international and a Korean customers), and even down to mundane things like it was so rainy on the Sunday when we went into the cafe, both Simon and Martina were out on the front lawn at different time putting away chairs and putting down lawn umbrellas in the rain and the mud. No matter how successful and popular they get, they are still just down to earth people.

On the Friday night there was the smaller, private opening which was really fun. We got to meet Brad from Busker Busker and his lovely wife. Hugh was too shy to talk to him for half the night because Busker Busker is huge in South Korea. But later they had a good chat.

We also invited Prince Mak from JJCC who I’ve been chatting to for a little while because we are both Aussies. Yay Aussies in Korea! Kpop stars’ lives are very very busy but he managed to get the night off and came and hung out. JJCC are going to be doing something very soon I think…. so make sure you check them out.

And now here are some photos (most of these are from Instagram):

you are here cafe

Prince mak and nichola

You Are Here Cafe

hugh and daniel


my korean husband eat your kimchi

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Haven’t left the house 11

Haven't left the house

He sure knows how to sweet talk me! My only competition was his mother!

Actually one of Mr Gwon’s pet peeves is when girls try to get their boyfriends/husband to say they are the prettiest girl in the world. He is much more logical and like “Out of all the women in the world, how could you possibly be the most beautiful?” When he worked at a casino in Australia he saw a lot of very beautiful women and was very honest with me about it but he always made the point that even though of course they are very beautiful, they can’t compare to me, simply because they aren’t me and I’m the one he wants. So I guess that is kinda romantic in itself?

So we never try to manipulate each other into saying things about being the most handsome or the prettiest. We both think we got a pretty good deal with who we married. He knows he can’t compare looks-wise to someone like GD, but he doesn’t have to because he is already with me.

So since we are open about those types of things he likes to have fun with it, like in the comic above. Or sometimes he likes to sing Flight of the Conchords lyrics to me, like “You’re so beautiful. You could be a part-time model…But you’d probably have to keep your normal job”.


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CoC – Wild Kiss, Love and Like 5

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YG Biased 10

YG Biased

Some people might not get this comic… Basically YG is the Entertainment company of huge groups like Big Bang and those that like one group in YG tend to like everyone in YG.

Winner is the new group debuting and Mr Gwon was making fun of me always favouring YG artists, but then proceeds to listen to a song by Bobby, that he did on the TV show ‘Show me the money,’ who is also in YG Entertainment! So he is a hypocrite. Makes fun of me listening to YG artists and then immediately goes and listens to someone from YG.

Actually he just likes to rile me up. I am listening to Winner right now and he is like, “What’s that? Winner? That’s why it sucks.” He hasn’t even listened to anything properly, he is just trying to get a reaction.

Did you watch Winner’s debut music videos? What do you think?

Usually it’s not hard to stay up… usually I’d be still working at midnight, but I’m still recovering from the weekend in Seoul.

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Love Hurts 6

Love Hurts

Love is not easy…

Meemers is Simon and Martina’s cat (Eat Your Kimchi) and is famous in his own right. Whenever we stay with them Meemers comes into our room early in the morning and wakes Mr Gwon up. Only Mr Gwon! He seems to know I’ll keep sleeping but Mr Gwon always gets up and plays with him.

We were in Seoul for the weekend for the very cool You Are Here Cafe opening. It was so nice to see so many of you guys there!


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“I like you” in Korean Dramas 9

Han and Hugh talk about how “I like you” in Korean can mean more than what it means in English and why characters in Korean dramas often say “I like you” instead of “I love you”.

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I am Australian 10

I am Australian

That’s his joke at the moment! Most of the English my father-in-law knows he learnt from old pop songs but I’ve noticed his vocabulary has increased recently.

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Very Interesting 22

Very Interesting

You don’t have to marry someone who shares all the same interests as you… in fact it’s pretty hard to find someone with the exact interests! We have a lot of things in common but I’m interested in a lot of things he is not interested in and vice versa, so sometimes we have to listen to each other’s tangents.

I like listening to university lectures when I work sometimes and I’m currently listening to a course called ‘Understanding the Human Impact: Life and its Impact’. It’s really interesting to me but Mr Gwon doesn’t always appreciate me talking about the domestication of all the food that is on the table.

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White 9


I’m so messy that he doesn’t even sugar-coat it for me, just straight out tells me to not buy anything white. There are so many lovely light coloured clothes in Korea though!

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