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We ask questions to Australian/Korean married couples! How did you meet? What aspects of your partner’s culture have you adopted? Best and worst things about international/intercultural relationships? Advice or other couples?

Big thank you to everyone who helped us make this video!

Check out Rachel and Nick’s YouTube channel, The Drunken Bear here.

Check out Sophie’s blog on raising a bilingual child here.

There is a reason why we don’t do these videos regularly: they sure are a pain to edit! But we had been wanting to do something like this for a long time. This video is just Australian/Korean couples, but we may in the future do another video with a bigger mix of people. We wanted to focus on the culture rather than race aspects, as too often people focus on race and what people look like. But culture is what we should be talking about. How do you navigate and international and intercultural marriage? It’s an ongoing exploration and discussion.

(A video with Korean subs will be coming).

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Name Change 3

Name Change

Hugh and his sister watched this drama, so I saw bits and pieces of it but didn’t watch all of it. I was glad to see that a popular drama has a lead male that wasn’t another rich son of a CEO, like almost all other dramas. Apparently it has sparked an interest in men in the special forces though.

What I find a bit ironic is that now there is this interest in how soldiers speak and even some women (who don’t have to do compulsory military service) have started trying to talk like a soldier. Previously, men who finished their service could be self conscious about their automatic soldier speech, especially because people might make fun of it. But now it was in a drama, it’s suddenly “cool”. How fickle people are…haha.

Speaking of name changes, it used to be hard to change your name in Korea, but these days it is quite easy. I don’t think Hugh should change his name though…

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My Australian Wife: Tree 11


Hugh says:

“My wife talks to trees. She talks to things a lot of times, not only trees. Sometimes I thought she was talking to me but she was actually talking to a thing. And it was quite strange. Actually sometimes it is quite cute.”

(I just think out loud a lot!)

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Korean Culture: Flowers and Photos 0

I’ve shown this in a comic recently here, but we also made a video about this flower culture in Korea.

The flood plain next to our village is bare all through winter, but in preparation for spring, canola seeds are planted. They come up really quickly as the weather gets warmer and then suddenly there are yellow flowers everywhere! We usually go there at the end of the day when there are less people. So for this video we filmed while there weren’t many people and as the sun was setting.

There are lots of nice things about Korean couple culture and dressing in matching clothes and taking nice photos together is something I think is lovely.

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Hugh’s first Kpop Concert: Block B 0

Hugh’s first Kpop concert! We were given some tickets for Block B so it was the perfect opportunity for him to go (he always complains about ticket prices other times I’ve tried to get him to come). Luckily Block B is considered a cool enough group… haha… especially since member Zico was a producer on the popular Rap elimination TV show ‘Show Me the Money’. Bobby from iKON was also a previous winner on that show, for those who want to know how rap and Kpop and ‘Show me the Money’ is all related.

Something I also said in the video, but was edited out because of length, was that this stereotype of Kpop stars just being guys with pretty faces who are not talented and can’t sing so are just auto-tuned, is not really that true. It is for some groups. But the groups that make it really big aren’t like that. They have to be super talented, they have to be able to write and produce. The title of “Kpop” can be really damaging to a lot of groups because of that dismissive way people talk about it. Especially because it’s popular with teenage girls (and we all know how much people want to shit all over teenage girls). G-Dragon has even made the point recently, that all music from Korea gets labelled as Kpop and can have those negative associations, but he doesn’t feel that BIGBANG necessarily fits into that label. I think in recent years especially, there has been more of a push for creative control for Kpop stars. There will always be completely manufactured groups churning out crap for a certain audience, but most really successful groups that last the distance are hardworking, talented, and capable of writing and producing.

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Photos and Flowers 0

Photos and Flowers

Canola flowers grow on the flood plain next to the river in our village. They are deliberately planted so people can come and enjoy them. During the week I see a few people wandering through but on the weekend there were so many. People arrived in cars from all over to walk through the flowers and take photos. We were riding our bikes around the village in the afternoon and were shocked to see lots of people. Usually we see no one in our area besides from a few old people.

Taking photos with flowers is pretty popular in Spring in Korea, so people were all dressed nicely, and one couple were even doing engagement photos. However, Hugh was in his “home clothes” which are old and falling apart clothes, and had gross, unwashed hair. Very different to how he looks in Seoul! It’s fine when it’s just old people that see you, but a bit different when there are large groups of nicely dressed people! So after grumbling at how many people have invaded his village sanctuary, we rode our bikes somewhere else instead.

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Best Hidden BBQ Restaurant in Seoul 0

One of my pet peeves about some BBQ restaurants is when the only side dishes they give you is some raw onions and some yellow radish…. I hate it! I need more vegetables with my meat! This restaurant in Sangam DMC (Hansang Gadeuk) has so many side dishes! And they are all included in the price of the meat. Not only are there so many, but they all taste good. It’s a very small restaurant down some back streets, but it’s a hidden gem. There are lots and lots of good BBQ places in Seoul and if you are only in Korea for a short trip, I recommend ones that are easier to get to, for example the YG BBQ restaurant, Samgeori Butchers, in Hongdae is really good and easy to get to. But if you are in Korea for longer, I recommend seeking this place out.

We are always so satisfied when we eat here because there are so many different things to eat. When BBQ places don’t have many options and it forces you to order more and more meat, in the end you can just end up feeling pretty crappy. But at this place not only is there the meat, but also kimchi, mushrooms, tofu, potatoes, rice cakes, kimchi jeon, doenjang jjigae, gaeranjim, tteobokki, salad, 2 types of sushi, pasta, bean sprouts, green onions, yukhoe, corn cheese, chicken wings, onions, lettuce and peppers. So we really recommend it!

한상가득 in 상암동

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Are We Moving? 8

We’ve mentioned this on the blog, but a lot of viewers on YouTube don’t actually read the blog, so we decided to talk about what we have been up to and the fact that we will move to Seoul. Now, those that like seeing videos of us in the countryside, don’t worry! We’ll still be back in the countryside regularly to visit. Seoul will be a much better environment for us work wise. Constantly going back and forth between here and Seoul really takes it’s toll. We have a stack of videos we haven’t had time to edit (videos sitting there waiting for the Nicholalala channel too) so living in Seoul will mean that we can get so much more work done and have our own space to do it. As well as having all the contacts we need for work much closer. We’ve never wanted to be only YouTubers, and the blog started with comics and I now make a living making comics, which is great. But YouTube helps with other areas too. It will also play a part in Hugh’s consulting business as well. We are slowly paving the way for what we want to do in the future. That’s also why, for us personally, we don’t have a Patreon (a Patreon is where fans can donate money every month), we aren’t comfortable with that because we have these long term plans. Patreons can be great for some people and works well for them, but it’s not for us. A kickstarter we would maybe consider if it was something that benefited all our readers and viewers.

The move could happen sooner or later than expected but it will be in the coming months. It’s been good to be with Hugh’s parents and after being away for so many years, he is glad that he spent this time with them. He found that he reconnected with his parents and developed a closer relationship with them. We helped them in lots of ways, not just with farm work, but slowly replacing things like TV and fridge… still trying to get them to use a smart phone though! The time we’ve spent in the countryside has been really valuable, even if to some outsiders it seems like a waste of time.

We’ll be looking into studio space as well. I think 2016 will be an interesting year!

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My Australian Wife: Diet 0

My Australian wife

(I actually said ‘biscuit’ but we changed it to “cookie” so Americans wouldn’t get confused haha).

Hugh says:

“Nichola doesn’t usually gain weight, even if we eat the same, I’m the one that gains weight. I don’t think she really understand what a diet is because she hasn’t had to do it much haha. Sometimes I envy people who don’t gain weight. It’s really easy for me to gain weight so I need to watch what I’m eating. Because we live with my parents I can’t control what I eat, my mother always wants me to eat a lot. If I don’t eat much she will complain and want me to eat more. If I get fat she will point out that that I got fat. This is Korean mother style.”

Our eating habits haven’t been that good lately because we were in Seoul for a week with no cooking facilities and had to eat out all the time and also it’s strawberry season on the farm, which means less home cooked meals. Because everyone is busy working during this time, we aren’t eating the normal healthy meals. It ends up being fried chicken or cup ramen. Living with inlaws, I try to tread carefully when making my own food, because it can cause offense if my mother in law has prepared dinner and then I’ve made my own, but because meals are so sporadic at the moment and often not healthy, I’m trying to cook my own with lots of vegetables. But maybe I still want a biscuit with a cup of tea…

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What are some things we miss about Australia?

This video is a collab with The Drunken Bear YouTube channel, so check out their video here:

We love collaborating with other couples, especially Aussie/Korean couples. Rachel and Nick will appear in another video coming out soon too!

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In Hongdae 6


The ongoing theme with Hugh! He either gets annoyed at people speaking banmal (informal language) with him because they think he is young, or he is happy about it… because they think he is young. This time the guy spoke banmal to Hugh because he thought he was his friend, and that’s fine between friends of the same age. By the way, Hongdae is a cool area where all the university kids hang out. (Great food there too).

He also spends half his time in Hongdae enjoying that he fits in fashion wise with his youthful looks and the other half of the time being annoyed at young people. Anyone who frequents Hongdae knows the Hongdae ‘uniform’ at the moment: those Timberland type shoes, a bomber jacket and hair either styled up in the 2 block cut or down in the ‘lego’ hair.

Being in your 30’s is a strange time. Not a young person but not yet an ahjussi.

(This happened on the weekend and Hugh couldn’t wait to tell me that someone mistook him for a friend that is a decade younger).

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Korean Strawberry Sandwich 5

What do we think about strawberry sandwiches? As people who live on a strawberry farm, and who see the hard work that goes into growing strawberries, are we a bit horrified to see where some strawberries end up? Watch to see!

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Korean Convenience Store Luncbox 1

We try out some Korean convenience store lunchboxes! One of the cheapest and easiest things to eat in Korea when you don’t have time or much money!

They are actually convenient because we are in an empty apartment! In the kitchen we have 2 mugs… and that’s it… We are using this apartment for a few more days before the lease runs out. The last bits of furniture Simon and Martina have left for us, so we’ll move them back home for the time being. It’s actually so helpful because we’ll be moving to Seoul later this year.

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Meet People 19

Meet People

Hugh does a lot of socializing and a lot of it is business related or important networking. Sometimes I have to show my face because people hear about me but have never met me. I’m elusive! Even when it’s an English speaking environment I’m going to avoid or bail early. I spend so much time hiding away that Hugh thinks he needs to remind me how to dress nicely. Introvert life. I’m happy to go out and have one on one conversations with interesting people, but big group situations are tiring and Korean socializing easily goes until the early hours of the morning.

Hugh is not elusive at all. Whenever he is in Seoul you’ll see him somewhere in Hongdae. He has a love/hate relationship with the Hongdae area. He loves many places there but hates the crowds of university students.

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Shoelaces 2

Those Shoes

We were walking out of the apartment we were staying at in Seoul when Hugh proudly proclaimed that he wasn’t going to tie up his shoes laces. He didn’t care at all. But within one second he was tying them up muttering, “Just a bit”. His responsible adult side won out. Hugh is at this stage where he wants to wear the younger guys’ fashions but then also worries about things like shoelaces. He goes out in Hongdae a lot, but then at times is annoyed at all the young people. He sees old friends from school or military who now look so old, while he looks quite similar to how he did when he was younger. It’s an interesting time trying to work out identity. We’ll have to see if his fashion changes when we move completely to Seoul later.


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