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Sacheon Seafood Market 0

I’ve mentioned before that I do feel sorry for all the fish and sea creatures just waiting to be eaten. However, it is fascinating to see this part of Korean culture. Since Korea is a peninsula they have always had a lot of seafood in their diets and it is an important part of Korean food.

Those that know me well know my thoughts on octopus…. that trip and seeing how many octopuses were trying to escape just confirmed my theory that they will one day take over the world and when they do, I’m gonna be like “I didn’t eat you!”

Man Crush 2

man crush

I had to change this comic. This happened yesterday morning and I was working on it earlier today. In the original comic I said how I had just had a terrible dream about being on a huge sinking ship. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a light sleeper and dream very vividly. I dreamed this yesterday morning right before I woke up. Like in the comic, my husband wasn’t paying attention because he was excited about Kpop star Henry getting Instagram. So I started making my comic for today and then checked the news and saw this news.

So I didn’t think it was appropriate to talk about a ship sinking in this comic that is supposed to be light hearted. It is a terrible thing that has happened and our prayers are with all those involved.

Jam 17

jam (800x800)

I feel bad for the rejected strawberries that just get made into jam! The good quality strawberries get packed nicely and shipped off to department stores.

It is coming to the end of strawberry season. It’s so warm now that we can’t send strawberries through the post like we did before. During colder months it is easy to send boxes of strawberries overnight to friends, but not now. We will still be growing strawberries for a little longer but they will all be jam strawberries. Anyone can pick jam strawberries as well because it doesn’t matter if they get crushed.

Henry 40


His man crush of the moment is on Henry because he has been watching him in that TV show (male celebrities experience being in the army).

One of the things I like about Korea and Korean guys is that they can openly show affection for other men without feeling like they are compromising their masculinity. They compliment each others’ appearances and show physical affection easily. It’s normal to have what we may call a crush on another man, but in a platonic way. A good example of this is seeing how excited Kim Woo Bin was when G-Dragon called him.

I’ve definitely seen a clash of cultures before when I’ve seen Korean men turn to Australian men and say “You are very handsome”. Completely normal for a Korean men to say that, but it’s not something Aussie guys are used to hearing from straight men and they can feel a bit uncomfortable.

While I was making this comic my husband stopped me in the middle of it because he wanted to show me another video of Henry…

The Way You Are Saying it 32


The Way You Are Saying It

At least he tells me things maybe a teacher wouldn’t! My Korean study somewhat stalled because of how busy we have been. I’m not at a conversational level where I can learn just by talking and listening, especially when everyone around me is speaking dialect quickly. It’s also hard to get my husband to speak to me in Korean as he always just naturally defaults to English all the time. I’m not giving up though and want to study every day. We are going to have to have days where no English is allowed.

Cherry Blossoms 8

Cherry Blossoms

We went and saw some cherry blossoms with some friends and when you go in a group it’s not as romantic… I’m sure it would have been super romantic when we were in the excitement of the start of a relationship. My husband acknowledged this when I said it but didn’t even look up from instagraming! Married life….haha. But really he gave me a rose the other day so he does definitely make an effort.

There are cherry blossoms all over Korea but the ones in concentrated areas are where everyone goes to see them. Where we went there was a mini festival set up. There were also views of the mountains and the sea, so it was extra nice. The wife of my husband’s best friend pointed out which way we had to walk because she’d been there before. This led to her husband asking, “Did you come here before with another man?!” Yup, she had… she’d been there with an exboyfriend. Her husband exaggerated his shock and said to their baby, “Your mother came here with another man!”

There are so many couples about when there are cherry blossoms. It’s so pretty and romantic, especially when the wind blows and the petals blow around like snow. We did film our trip so we’ll have a video up about it soon!

Ask First 16

Ask First

I shouldn’t be scared! My Mother-in-law is really sweet. The bang of the door just scared me and then I looked really suspicious digging around in the ice cream freezer. But really my bread had been stored in there, I didn’t know it had been moved to another freezer. I bought a lot of bread in Seoul but to make sure it lasts I need to freeze it.

Unfortunately it’s really tempting having a big freezer full of ice cream at the front of the house! Not good for diets.

Don’t Believe 35

Don't Believe

He was fooled by a headline saying The Avengers filming had moved from Seoul to Japan… I got through the whole day not believing anything! And then I got to 1am and stupidly thought something was real… damnit.

Did you fall for anything yesterday? Were you fooled?

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