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I kinda briefly explain what has been up with my body lately. This is on top of me already having mild Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There must be something with female bloggers always having health problems (EYK’s Martina with EDS and Grace from Texan in Tokyo has health problems as well). It sucks!

Besides from the sickness update we tell you some more stuff about us!

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Hopefully people realise that was a very sarcastic video… haha. The funny thing is, all those shots of me messing around while waiting for a car to go by are real. No cars came for quite a while so I really was occupying myself while waiting for a car.

We wanted to show how boring it can be out here – even though we love it and get to experience things that city people don’t. I was also mimicking the way foreigners are sometimes used in advertising in Korea. I hope you enjoyed the awkwardness!

We show some actual stuff to do in the countryside in the newest vlog here:

To see all our vlogs make sure you subscribe to our vlogging channel.

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Interruptions and Surprise Package

This week’s Commenting on Comments… with some interruptions!

(Hugh was totally wrong about that Kpop group being in SM by the way…)

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Kimchi Spray and Presents

This week’s Commenting on Comments!

We will be in Seoul for Christmas! We are catching the bus to Seoul tomorrow. I’m really happy to have the chance to have a proper Christmas with friends.

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Christmas in Korea and Honeymoon

Something else that we didn’t mention in the video was that even though Christmas is viewed as a Christian holiday in many countries, there seems to be not much connection between it and actual Christianity in Korea, at least not to the extent that I’m used to. Even though many Koreans are Christians, I see a lack of nativity scenes and religious symbolism but instead lots and lots of Santa and Christmas tree stuff. I think in Western countries, even if you aren’t religious, you may go to church on Christmas with family because it’s tradition, but it doesn’t seem to be the thing here as it’s not as ingrained into the culture. Also the fact that it’s a couple holiday and not a family holiday seems to play a part in that. To me Christians seem very insular here and although they go to church on Christmas, it’s not the welcoming services for all that I see Western churches doing. I just doubled checked with Hugh and his response was like, “Why would anyone else go to church on Christmas??”

For me I think that’s one of the disappointing things about Christmas in Korea, besides from it being a couple thing, there isn’t that type of Christmas service that everyone feels they can go to.

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This is some of what we did in Seoul on the weekend!

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Update and Commenting on Comments

Do you like Mr Gwon’s ahjumma hat?

So as we mentioned in the video the publishing company has said August for the comic book . We had a good meeting with them last Friday.

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