Warning: this post contains some bad language.

(Only the green bins were supposed to go out, not the yellow ones haha).

So not only does he copy Kim Jong Il’s lines, but he’ll do it in that voice. Sometimes he may continue the dialogue and start singing the ‘I’m so Ronery” song. Of course this sounds so funny because he has a real Korean accent and it makes it so much better.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is the clip from the movie Team America:

I’ve found South Koreans tend to have the same reaction to these parts of the movie- they laugh a lot. Especially before Kim Jong Il died, because while in South Korea, North Korea is something scary- it’s a problem and a danger – but when they watch things like this making fun of Kim Jong Il and showing him as ridiculous it was something like a relief for them. That was my friends reactions anyway. And they thought puppet Kim Jong Il looked exactly like him.

Now with Kim Jong Un, most humor about him seems to be focused on his weight, whereas Kim Jong Il was a goldmine for humor, but perhaps we just don’t know enough about Jong Un yet. Who do you think is scarier?

Other parts of this movie are really rude so if you are really young or easily offended, probably best not to watch the whole movie, though I think it’s more censored in the U.S. We have the uncensored version here and it gets very……bad. haha.

Matt Damon!

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