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Kiss for Mummy and Daddy: Toddler Kisses

This is how Yul kisses at the moment…. wet slobbery kisses that often involve teeth! Toddler kisses are funny. He knows what it means when we ask for a kiss and it’s really lovely when he gives us kisses, but it can be a bit gross too! haha

We are making sure that he knows he can say no as well. When we ask for a kiss sometimes he does shake his head no, and we make sure we say something like, “That’s okay”. I think him knowing he has a choice means he enjoys giving up very big kisses when he is in the mood.

It’s super cute for us, being new parents, to now have these sweet interactions with our son. Every day he is learning new things and it’s so exciting to see his personality develop.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a comic. I’ve had a few months of being sick on and off. Sometimes it’s been a cold, sometimes it’s my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sometimes it’s my Endometriosis and the past two weeks it’s been a very bad sinus infection. My goal is to make a MKH comic at least once a week. I usually only have the time while Yul is at daycare to make comics and that time gets eaten up by general household stuff I have to do.

Hugh is super busy these days as he is doing a lot of business stuff on top of his normal job. He is involved in many projects right now but all this hard work will hopefully mean we are in a better position financially by next year, AND in a better apartment.

Also if you want to see how big our son is now, and lots more things we have been up to, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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