Too many comments

Guys…. he is obsessed with his Facebook fanpage. He really tries to answer all the comments but I think there will come a point where he just can’t. He is on it before he goes to bed at night and gets up earlier than me to go on it because he is excited to talk to people and to share his favourite music.

He has always been more social than me, he LOVES talking to people, but I do think he will have to slow up at some point. These days I can’t reply to all the comments on the blog, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. I read every single one but if I replied to all my head might explode and I’d have no time to do anything else. I’m really sorry that I can’t always reply.

I think part of the reason why he loves having a fanpage is because he has realised that people actually like him and like talking to him. When the blog suddenly got a lot of attention and was on Naver and all that, although the online attention we got was positive, in our personal lives we got a lot of negativity, especially from some of my husband’s friends. I think it all came down to jealously but unfortunately it was expressed in ways that hurt my husband. A few friends in particular were very clear that they believed this success was only because of me, and that my husband was just lucky that he married me and they resented him for getting popular from doing nothing.

The thing is… this blog is ABOUT my husband. If I wasn’t with him I would never have started it. He is my inspiration and my muse. He is the one still working while I blog, even though I don’t earn money yet. I can only do this because of him. Not only that, but it’s becoming a joint project now. My husband is the one who will be doing the editing of videos for our YouTube channel and we have big plans for the future.

Anyway I just want to thank everyone for interacting with him because it makes him excited and happy and makes him feel a part of all this now.

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