Before I first went to Korea I never imagined being handed a tiny towel to dry myself with for after a shower. I thought towel sizes were probably standard everywhere. I do enjoy huge fluffy bath towels – the ones that are so big that they are called bath blankets – but an average size towel will do me just fine.

This is just my own experience so I’m not saying everyone in Korea does this, because I really don’t know, but from my experiences staying with my husband’s family and with Korean friends, towels tend to be significantly smaller. When we’ve stayed in motels in Korea as well, I’ve found they give us 1 almost normal size towel and then just those small ones.

After I’ve had a shower I like the towel to do all the work so I can just stand there until I’m decently dry. With a tiny towel you have to do all the work! So that was different…

Have you experienced the same thing when staying with a Korean family? Also why are so many that same design, just varying colours? ( those ones with the line pattern).

Because he grew up with such small towels, is this why my husband prances around naked without a towel after a shower?

Are towels small in Korea because Koreans like to make that sheep head thing with towels? (Just kidding!)

Showed my husband this just before uploading and he was like “Ahhhhh no!” He is concerned about cartoon almost nudity.

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