We went back to the countryside for Chuseok! Often called ‘Korean Thanksgiving’ it’s one of the big holidays in Korea. Last year I was too pregnant to travel for Chuseok so I missed it last year, and now this year it’s Yul’s first Chuseok! He had a great time in the countryside because he gets lots of attention.

Our friend Sara came with us, as did my sister, who is visiting Korea at the moment. We got the drone footage because Sara brought her drone with her (thanks Sara!). It was also the first time Sara had eaten that much home-cooked Korean food so she was really happy! I often forget the difference between being a foreigner living in Korea and being a foreigner but marrying into a Korean family. I’ve been eating home-cooked Korean food for years and I’m familiar with traditions like the Jesa ceremony. But many others in Korea don’t get to experience that.

It’s always nice to get out to the countryside and breathe the countryside air. However, around Chuseok almost everyone is travelling to the countryside. You have to book bus and train tickets early and the traffic can be a nightmare. We try to travel late at night to avoid the midday rush.

You can also check out Sara’s video of her giving a tour of the fruits and vegetables in the countryside with some bad dad jokes…. haha.

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